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Ateljé Böhme Wassberg

Ateljé Böhme Wassberg started 2022.

We are Christina Wassberg artist (paintings, jewelry)

and Berndt Böhme artist(jewelry)

We moved from Sweden 2019 to Bornholm. Our artistic life has a long story but to be brief Berndt had his own shop in Gothenburg for many years where he sold his own unique Jewelry. He also has a Gallery in Copenhagen that sells his works.Berndt is represented at many private collectors around the world.

Christina has a background as a visual artist with many exhibitions mainly in Sweden and Denmark where she also is represented in Museums. For ten years she worked as a curator and invited wellknown contemporary artists to exhibit at her studio and Gallery.Berndt and Christina has during many years worked together with each others artistic projects.. 

Februari 2024 Berndt left this world and behind him he left a beautiful collection of Jewelry. My (his wife) intention is to try to carry on as we have desided and was our goal when we arrived here on Bornholm. He tought me jewelry and I will try my best to carry on with a new design of my own and also make it possible for Berndts big circle of customers to still carry and enjoy his Jewelry.

Adress :

Ateljé Böhme Wassberg                             

Kirkebakken1, Svaneke, Bornholm,Denmark


Phone: +45 42955387


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