Ateljé Böhme Wassberg

Ateljé Böhme Wassberg started 2022.

We are Christina Wassberg artist (paintings, jewelry)

and Berndt Böhme artist(jewelry)

We moved from Sweden 2019 to Bornholm. Our artistic life has a long story but to be brief Berndt had his own shop in Gothenburg for many years where he sold his own unique Jewelry. He also has a Gallery in Copenhagen that sells his works.Berndt is represented at many private collectors around the world.

Christina has a background as a visual artist with many exhibitions mainly in Sweden and Denmark where she also is represented in Museums. For ten years she worked as a curator and invited wellknown contemporary artists to exhibit at her studio and Gallery.Berndt and Christina has during many years worked together with each others artistic projects.. 

Adress :

Ateljé Böhme Wassberg                             

Kirkebakken1, Svaneke, Bornholm,Denmark


Phone: +45 42955387